Wayfarin’ Stranger

I like this one. It’s very bleak—death is the only release from the troubles of the world.
Key of Em
Em I am a poor, wayfarin’ stranger D Em Been travelin’ through this world of woe! Em And there’s no sickness, toil nor danger D Em In that bright land to which I go. C G I’m goin’ there to meet my mother; C B She said she’d meet me when I come. Em I’m only going over Jordan D Em I’m just’a goin’ over home. I know dark clouds will gather o’er me. I know my way is rough and steep. But golden fields lie out before me Where God’s redeemed, their vigils keep. I’m goin’ there to meet my father; I’m goin’ there no more to roam. I’m only going over Jordan. I’m just’a goin’ over home. I’ll soon be free from all my trials. My body restin in the old churchyard. I’ll drop the cross of self denial And enter into my great reward. I’m goin’ there to see my savior To sing his praises ever more I’m just’a going over Jordan I’m just’a goin’ over home.