Saint James’ Infirmary

This is another old one with a long and storied past spanning two continents. Maddie usually sings this one, but these are the words as best I can remember them.
Key of Em
|B>GB2 | B>GA2 | B>AGE2 | E>EB2 | B2 e2 | c B3 |
|B>GB2 | B>GA2 | B>AGE2 | G/B3  | G/ A3 G/| E3 |
Em D Em I went down to the St. James Infirmary C B And I saw my baby there— Em D Em Stretched out on a long white table— Em D Em So cold, so pale, so fair. Chorus:
Em D Em Let her go, let her go, God bless her C B Wherever she may be. Em D Em She can search this wide world over Em D Em But she’ll never find a sweet man like me.
I went down to old Joe’s barroom, On the corner by the square They were serving the drinks as usual, And the usual crowd was there.
When I die, go and bury me low down. In a box cut suit and a Stetson hat With a twenty dollar gold piece round my watch chain So the boys’ll know I died standin’ pat.
Get six gamblers to carry my coffin Six chorus girls to sing me a song Put a twenty-piece jazz band on my hearse wagon To raise Hell as we go along
Now that’s the end of my story Let’s have another round of booze And if anyone should ask you just tell them I’ve got the dying crapshooter blues.