Cumberland Gap

There are words for this. Some of them are racist. I just mumble "Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap! Yadayadaydayadayada Cumberland Gap" if I feel like singing along when I play it. There’s also a catchy Old Crow song set to this tune.
Key of D
X: 1
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
|:"D"D D/D/ D D/E/ "Bm"F A B2 | B d B/A/-A "D"F/E/-E D2 :|
| "A"e2e2fedA |"D" A/B/ddBdBA2 |  "A"eeeefedA | "D"B/dd/dBA4 |
|: "D"e/ff/f/e/d "G"B4 | "D"e/ff/f/e/d "G"B3  A/B/ | "D" d B A F E D3 :|