The Blackest Crow

I heard this song at the first folk jam I ever went to, in Cambridge, MA.
Key of Em
D Em G The time draws near, my dearest dear G Em When you and I must part D Em G How little you know, of the grief and woe G Em Of my poor aching heart G D Em Each night I suffer for your sake: C G Em You’re the one I love most dear! D Em G I wish that I was going with you, G Em Or you were staying here. I wish my breast was made of glass Wherein you might behold Upon my heart your name is writ In letters made of gold. In letters made of gold, my love— Believe me when I say, You are the one I will adore Until my dying day. The blackest crow that ever flew Would surely turn to white: If ever I were false to you Bright day return to night. Bright day return to night, my love, The elements would mourn. If ever I were false to you The sea would rage and burn. And when you’re on some distant shore Think of your absent friend. And when the wind blows high and clear, A line to me pray send. And when the wind blows high and clear Pray send a note to me. That I might know by your handwrite How time has gone with thee.